Dog walking services

Everybody knows that a happy and well behaved dog, is a tired dog. The most crucial way of obtaining a tired dog is by giving him all the exercise that he needs.

Here at Fetch Pet Services we know first hand, that to keep our pets in the life to which they have become accustomed to, we all have to work. This does mean that sometimes we just aren't able to give our pets, that little extra bit of exercise during the day that they so desperately need. So, this is where we can help you and your pet.

Giving your dog the attention they need

We offer a fully flexible dog walking service, with one of our fully trained and experienced team to help alleviate your dogs' afternoon boredom. Your dog will be given an hour long walk either in your local park or nearby woods with the option of them going off lead. These walks can take place as either a group walk (your dogs and other dogs) or as individual walks.

If your dog is part of a group walk then no more than four dogs will be out and about at one time, so we can still give your pet the attention he or she also needs.


These walks can be catered to your dogs individual needs, be it two short walks during the day, limited exercise walks due to medical/age concerns or puppy walks. All walks that are undertaken and for what ever reason are not required for the whole hour, then your dog walker will sit with your dog for the remained of the hour so he is not missing out.

We offer these services 7 days a week including evenings.

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How much does dog walking cost?

Please see our price list for our dog walking services. We are very competitive and also run offers; please contact us for further information.

If you need a dog walker call Fetch Pet Services on 07816 758 441

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